Why Choose Us

At Robert Rich Tax & Financial Services, our service begins where the service of many accountants ends. That is because in addition to providing each client with the licensed, experienced tax help they deserve, we use our understanding of our clients' financial lives to assist them with all their financial goals.

The Robert Rich Tax & Financial Services difference includes:
Customer Care: Relationship vs. Transaction Oriented: Licensed, Experienced Tax Return Preparation:
At Robert Rich Tax & Financial Services we realize that even the best of work falls short unless clients are treated with the courtesy and respect they deserve. We also realize that financial matters can be intimidating and stressful for all of us. In recognition of this we promise to listen carefully to and respond appropriately to the unique concerns and needs of each client, and to employ the Golden Rule in doing so. At Robert Rich Tax & Financial Services we have always placed the highest priority on establishing lasting relationships with our clients. We know that only by understanding each client's unique needs and situation can we provide the best service. Therefore our goal is to provide the most service to each client, rather than the minimum service to as many clients as possible. While you have many options for tax return preparation, the utmost importance should be placed on the credentials of the person preparing your return. At Robert Rich Tax & Financial Services, each tax return is prepared by an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents are licensed by and may represent taxpayers before the IRS, and must have formally demonstrated technical competence in all areas of taxation to earn their license. Enrolled Agents are also required to complete ongoing education in the field of taxation.
Dedication to Accuracy: Flexible Tax Appointments: Free Electronic Filing:
We are dedicated to the accuracy of every tax return we prepare. We will not cut corners or rush through any tax return. Any uncertainty with client data will result in contact with the client, and any uncertainty with tax law will be researched. We will not sign a tax return until we are sure it is complete and accurate. For simpler tax returns we offer a mail/drop-off service. If your tax situation is more complex, we encourage you to schedule a personal interview so that we can review it with you. In either scenario, we follow through on every question and contingency to offer the same thorough and accurate preparation for each client. Electronic filing offers a number of important benefits including eliminating the possibility of returns lost in the mail, fast tax refunds, and much better security of your personal data. In recognition of these benefits and how important they are to our clients, each client receives free electronic filing of both their federal and Vermont tax return.
Technology: Privacy:  
We are constantly updating our practice to utilize the latest available technology. In addition to using industry-leading software and filing tax returns electronically, we are migrating to a paperless tax practice. This will enable us to provide enhanced security of our clients' data by eliminating paper files, and will also facilitate providing that data to clients at a moment's notice should they need it.

Our dedication to protecting the privacy of our clients’ is absolute. Under no circumstances will client data be shared with anyone for any reason without the client’s direct request to do so. Client data is handled so that it cannot be casually observed by others who are visiting our office. In addition, our computer files are password-protected, and any discarded paperwork is shredded before it leaves our office.

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